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                          LIVING FREE


                               The first of 6 planned Christian concerts presents


                                              "Sound of Salvation"                                                                                                                                                                                        and

                                                    "Grace Music Team"


                                  September 7th in Sheikupura


                                                              IT HAPPENED


and this Christian concert was not as I had envisioned. We think through the lens of our culture. Here in the west, a Christian concert is moral entertainment with worship thrown in. Something to make you feel good. For the price of a ticket you are left with a memory.

This concert was different. Families came to be set free from their sins, burdens and fears. Look at the faces and hands of those in prayer. God was speaking to them and hearing their hearts. Many had never experienced a concert before that evening, nor the Holy Spirit who came to change their life. The blood of Christ paid for their ticket, entrance was free.

I believed this event would be blessed. It happened through sacrifice. The cost to those who made this happen included transportation, equipment rentals, Licenses, food and water for 17 people who produced this event and was provided by Grace Believers Society.

This is not to boast but to beg and thank you for your prayers. We need financial help to continue this portion of our ministry while maintaining the other things God has given us to do. May God's blessings find you.















Revival in Pakistan

What is a revival? Most importantly it is a move of the Holy Spirit, and not an activity of the flesh. Revival is the result of prayer, not publicity. Revival is the dead called to life, a change of heart. Revival is the resurrection power of God, it comes through His word recieved by faith. And it is happening throughout Pakistan.  

Freely they have been given, freely they give. They sing the Psalms and songs of their own, words that comes from their hearts. The Sound of Salvation Band are servants of God in Pakistan, notice I didn’t say entertainers. Their purpose is greater than that. God wants to set people free. Free from burdens, free from bondage and free from fear.

On September 7th at 6pm Sheikhupura will have the first of six concerts planned for different locations in Pakistan. Faith and sacrifice are making this event possible. Come to think of it, that is how Grace Believers Society manages to accomplish whatever God calls us to do.
This time the vision requires more sacrifice than a few can give. Will you help with your sacrifice? www

“The earth is full of Your lovingkindness, O Lord; Teach me Your statutes.”
(Psalm 119:64 NASB)


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