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Punjab in Urdu means five rivers, or tributaries of the Indus River that flows through this fertile valley of Pakistan.  Sounds idyllic until the rains come.

Some of the worst of the flooding hit the slum areas in Kusar.

Sajid will be returning this weekend with grains, water purifier, medical supplies and a Doctor. One family can only do so much to help.

Hard to miss the Donate Now buttons on these pages. Any one will bring you to a place where you can help a desperate need. 


   A mud house washed away. Only the brick wall stands behind their kitchen.

Children on Pakistan Street







It is not difficult to find someone in need of help. The problem is finding those who care about people that are so far away.  Pakistan is experiencing an amazing move of God's Spirit. It is a field ripe unto harvest. The need is for laborers and those who will support them.

The purpose of this website is to educate the greater church to the condition of Christian Pakistanis. We are asking for intersession at the throne of grace, and hoping our Father will call upon you to assist in His glorious work.

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